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4 reasons why you should choose wool/silk for summer

Our new collection of merino wool/silk products for children and babies has just come online – and we are quite thrilled ourselves, to be frank. The material is light and airy, just perfect for the hot summer most of us are hoping for.

4 reasons why you should choose wool/silk for summer

If you ask us, merino wool/silk is the obvious choice for your child’s summer wardrobe, as the material is thin and has the most amazing, natural abilities.


Organic merino wool and silk are both natural materials that let the skin breathe and provide great ventilation.


When you dress your child in merino wool/silk, you can be confident the clothes will help your child maintain a comfortable temperature both night and day.


Merino wool can absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. This means your child can sweat during playtime or sleep without becoming wet and cold as a result.


Naturally, you should always follow the three S’s: Shadow, Sunhat, Sunscreen – but a thin layer of wool on the body is a great supplement, as wool has a naturally high sun protection factor.