Make nature wilder on Black Friday

Support WWF together with DILLING

It’s become a tradition for us to donate 20% of Black Friday's revenue – together with you – to a good cause instead of offering discounts.

This year’s donation will support WWF’s work to protect and restore biodiversity in the UK and around the world. The cause aligns with our growing DILLING community, where we share firm beliefs regarding production, animal welfare, and the environment.

Biodiversity is close to our hearts – also during November – and it needs better conditions to thrive. Right now, species, habitats, and ecosystems are disappearing at an alarming rate worldwide.

Biodiversity provides us with clean air, fresh water, good quality soil and crop pollination – so we cannot do without it.*

*Source: European Parliament.

We support WWF on Black Friday

The biodiversity crisis is complex, and it can be difficult to understand what we can do – on both a large and small scale – to create better conditions for wildlife and flora.

When supporting the world’s leading independent conservation organisation, WWF, our donation goes to restoring biodiversity and protecting endangered species.

No one can save nature alone, but together we can make a difference to restore it in places where we humans have neglected it.

At the same time, each of us can improve local biodiversity by creating wild zones in the garden where grass and plants can grow freely or by planting seasonal flowers on the balcony. This provides more habitats for bees, butterflies, and other insects.

Read about WWF’s work with biodiversity here.

DILLING’s own nature park

At DILLING, we are dedicated to improving conditions for biodiversity on our own premises. Currently, 53,000 square meters of agricultural land at our headquarters in Herning, Denmark is being made into a habitat for animals and plants.

In the future, sheep will graze on the land when protein-rich grass starts to grow around the park’s five lakes. When spring arrives, plants like chicory and bird's-foot trefoil will bloom outside the sheep's enclosure.

We have the same focus on biodiversity at our Danish dye house, where grass and wild plants grow freely.

We hope you will support the work to restore more of Europe’s wild nature with us on Black Friday, November 24th.

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