Our promise to you

At DILLING, we work every single day to develop the ultimate products for you and your loved ones. We know these are ambitious words, but it is a crystal-clear objective that makes our work rather simple, in all aspects, from design to production to service and quality.

We know that ambitious words require dedication, and we know that ultimately, you are the only one who can decide if we achieve what we set out to.

We guarantee the greatest possible level of transparency in all our processes. We consistently focus on ensuring our production gets more sustainable and cleaner all the time. We have not succeeded yet, but we work hard every day to step towards it.

Our most important job is to ensure you, our consumer, an unlimited level of wellbeing when you wear our clothes. We make our products from organic wool and cotton, dye them without the use of harmful chemicals, and design and produce all clothing in a safe working environment in our sewing rooms.

Overall, we give you a product with timeless design, high quality, and great longevity, so you can wear the clothing for many years and thus, contribute to a more sustainable consumption.

We believe that this will give you the confidence and belief that you, alongside DILLING, can show the greatest possible consideration for the population, the environment, and animal welfare.

We hope that you, as a conscious consumer, will challenge everything we say and do. We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences of our practices and products, so we can become even better at our job.

This is our promise to you.

Yours sincerely,

Everyone at DILLING

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DILLING is a Danish family enterprise with a long tradition of producing organic wool products that will keep you warm. Today, we make organic clothing in organic merino wool and cotton for the whole family with the fourth generation, Morten Dilling, at the helm. Our organic wool wear sells at favourable prices because you are buying directly from the manufacturer.

You’ll find soft, breathable, and allergy-friendly clothing in natural materials on our website, produced without harmful chemicals and within Europe's borders under good working conditions.

Most of our products are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and gently dyed at DILLING's own dyehouse in Denmark.

You'll find DILLING's products in the following countries:  dk.dilling.comdilling.dedilling.sedilling.nldilling.fidilling.frno.dilling.com.