New recycled plastic shipping bags

From now on, you will receive your DILLING order in a shipping bag made from 100% recycled plastic. Give the bag a second life – reuse or repurpose it. Once it has served its purpose, we recommend you recycle it where soft plastics are accepted.

We want to be as transparent as possible
So, naturally, we are sharing with you what thoughts and reflections we have had during the process of choosing our new shipping bags. Over the past months, we have worked to find the least environmentally taxing packaging solution to fit our needs. As our expertise lies within the production of clothing and underwear made from natural materials, we have had to reach out to experts outside our area of expertise to help guide us in our search.

We have been in talks with our industry association, Dansk Fashion & Textile (DF&T), that has provided us with valuable information on three types of material to consider: cardboard, paper, and recycled plastics. DF&T referred to studies that indicate that recycled plastic is the least environmentally taxing choice of the three (in regard to CO2 emissions). The studies suggest that a lot of energy and chemicals are used to turn wood into cardboard and paper.

We have also been in contact with several different suppliers, that have looked into what would be the best and the solution most gentle to the environment for us. Their research has backed the studies from DF&T.

In some cases – like when you purchase our wool detergent - we will ship the order in a cardboard box to protect the contents in the very best way possible. This is because the detergent bottle may be damaged or rupture during transportation in a plastic shipping bag.

So, what will happen to the compostable corn bags you know?
Our shipping bags made from corn starch are in the process of being phased out as new information has come to light: as it turns out, there are certain challenges concerning the handling of the bag after use. True, the corn bag is compostable – but, at this point in time, industrial composting in recycling centres is not very common and the corn bag will in many cases not be able to return to nature as compost like it was intended to. Thus, we have decided to start the phase out of our corn starch bags with the end goal of replacing it with the plastic bag made from 100% recycled plastic.

Your new shipping bag is made from 100% recycled plastic
Our new shipping bags are made from 100% recycled post-industrial plastic waste – which means the plastic used to make the bag is already in circulation. So, no new raw materials are used in the production.

The bag is 40 microns thick – a very thin quality. This is the minimum measurement that will still withstand handling and transportation. The thicker the bag, the more CO2 is emitted during production. Accordingly, we have chosen to go with the lowest measurement, to limit the CO2 emissions as much as possible.

What should you do with the bag once you have received your order?
Give it a second life. We recommend you reuse or repurpose the bag. Reuse it for other shipments or repurpose for storage. The more times you reuse the bag, the fewer raw materials will be in circulation – and that helps protect our environment. Once the bag has served its purpose, recycle it where soft plastics are accepted.

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