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To us at DILLING, sustainability is related to several key issues. Amongst other things, it is related to our attitude towards animal welfare, textile production and working conditions. You can read more about our work with sustainability here.

However, sustainability is, to a large extent, also about sustainable consumption and consuming thoughtfully. By investing in timeless, high quality products, you can help reduce consumption and thereby the burden on our climate.

Our best basics

At DILLING, we take pride in making products in timeless designs. We employ a design strategy that ensures there are many timeless products in our collections. That means that the design of many of our products does not change as fashion changes or new trends emerge. Our basics are no exception; they are part of our fixed assortment and therefore, as a customer, you can always find your favorite products from DILLING, all year, no matter what the season.

Our best basics categories for women and men include pants, boxershorts, tops, T-shirts, long-sleeved tops and leggings. The products are always available in our classic colours; black, nature and grey.

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Wool and its amazing qualities

Our best basic items are made from organic merino wool. Textile production for wool has been taking place for several hundred years, and wool was the main material for our underwear when we started production back in 1916. Wool is still our preferred material today and with good reason.

Wool is a natural material with unique qualities. It is temperature regulating, so it will help keep you warm if you are cold. On the other hand, it can also cool you down, absorb and transport sweat if you are feeling warm. This is why our basics are perfect when worn as an inner layer on cold autumn and winter days or as loungewear at home.

Additionally, our organic merino wool is GOTS certified and comes from Patagonia in Argentina. Therefore, when you buy wool products from DILLING, you can be sure we have high standards of animal welfare (the GOTS certificate is your assurance) and that mulesing free methods are employed as the fly that causes mulesing to take place does not live in Argentina.

Treatment in eco-friendly dyehouse in Denmark

The organic wool we use for our basic items has been treated at our own dyehouse in Denmark. The products hold the Nordic Swan Eco Label certification because they are treated without using any harmful heavy metals, chemicals or superwash. We also work with a unique environmentally friendly enzyme treatment that gently removes itchy hairs from the wool.

This means that when you buy our basics, you are guaranteed to receive the most pure and soft product that does not itch. That means that you can wear our products with a clean conscious and good feeling.

Take care of your basics

To ensure your products are long lasting, it is important to treat your wool in the best possible way. Therefore, we have made a guide of how to wash your wool products so they will last year after year.

1. Machine wash on 30 degrees with a wool setting or handwash

Avoid water that is too warm| Avoid temperature fluctuations

2. Use wool detergent to extend the life of the wool

3. Do not soak you woollen clothing

4. Do not wring your woollen clothing

Hang it on a washing line or drying rack

5. Let the wool clean itself

Take advantage of the self-cleansing attribute of the wool and air dry your products outside

For our full washing guide, click here.
DILLING’s detergent is unscented and is suitable for hand and machine washing. It is gentle to the colour and fibers of the wool and thereby helps your products maintain their original shape and colour.

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DILLING is a Danish family enterprise with a long tradition of producing organic wool products that will keep you warm. Today, we make organic clothing in organic merino wool and cotton for the whole family with the fourth generation, Morten Dilling, at the helm. Our organic wool wear sells at favourable prices because you are buying directly from the manufacturer.

You’ll find soft, breathable, and allergy-friendly clothing in natural materials on our website, produced without harmful chemicals and within Europe's borders under good working conditions.

Most of our products are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and gently dyed at DILLING's own dyehouse in Denmark.

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