Behind the scene: meet kayak enthusiast Cathrine

Many of us turn to nature for a recreational space, where we can let our body work and our thoughts flow freely. Cathrine knows all about this. She has basically been raised on the water with a paddle in her hands.

We got to follow Cathrine on the water on a sunny day in beautiful surroundings. As she stepped back onto the land, we had a nice chat about why she has dedicated most of her spare time to kayaking.

How long have you been kayaking?

I learned to paddle a kayak when I was 8 years old. I then tried out a lot of different types of sports too, but it ended up being the kayak I preferred and that was what I wanted to do. My dad has been kayaking since he was a little boy, so it was sort of something we had to try out. He also goes kayaking with my mother, so he really wanted us there too. Now it has become a family sport.

It is easy to see that it has become a family sport – while we were talking, we also saw Cathrine’s brother and sister out on the water. This is where the whole family meets, but it is not only because of her family that Cathrine comes here.

There is a great sense of team spirit down here at the club and good comradery, so that is also part of the attraction. I also like the competitive mentality of it all. I think it is cool to compete and challenge myself.

At this place it is possible to paddle all year round. How do you dress for this?

Based on the weather, I will be wearing two base layer shirts, and a thicker sweater or a windproof jacket or a vest. I also wear a pair of training leggings. During the summer, I often just wear a pair of shorts and a tank top or t-shirt, if the weather allows it. The most important thing is that you can stay warm and move freely.

Mobility means a lot, when you paddle like we do – especially where it is a bit more competitive and we paddle at different intensities. It is nice when the clothes allow you to breathe freely and feel comfortable.

Have you worn wool wear before?

I actually do not have much wool wear, but I use wool socks because I easily feel cold. However, I am surprised by how well the outfit I wore today is at keeping me warm, compared to how many layers of clothing I would otherwise wear. So, it is really a positive surprise.

Do you have a favourite DILLING product?

Today is the first time I have worn DILLING clothing, but I am really loving this shirt. I think it is gorgeous. Especially because of the zipper, which makes it easy to regulate my temperature, I think that is really nice. So, I am looking forward to trying out more DILLING clothes.

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