From top to toe: The best way to dress for a run in the cold

Frost, snow, and cold are no excuse for putting away your running shoes. And with the right running outfit, you can ensure that you will not be too cold or wet on your run.

You’ve probably been there before, the thermometer says its freezing cold outside, the wind is shaking the trees, and although spring is on its way, you are certain the clouds are threatening snow. You really wanted to go for a run, but now the weather is bad, you believe you will unfortunately have to stay inside on the sofa and watch a movie instead.

Nonsense! As long as you dress appropriately, there is no reason to let the cold hinder your run.

Our five tips will help you find the perfect outfit for running in the colder months.

When you are going for a cold winter run, your clothing needs to be warm, comfortable, sweat-wicking, and windproof. Therefore, the best way to ensure you are dressed appropriately for your run is to wear several layers.



When you are going for a run in the winter cold, your clothing should be warm, comfortable, sweat-wicking, and windproof. Therefore, the best way to make sure you are well-dressed for your run, is to dress in several layers.

A woollen base layer

The most important property for your base layer, is that it should be sweat-wicking, otherwise you will become wet and cold as soon as you begin to sweat. It is also important for you to be warm and comfortable, therefore you may want to invest in one of DILLING’s woollen t-shirts or long sleeve tops. Our clothing is made from exclusive merino wool which helps regulate your body temperature and absorb moisture. Merino wool also protects against odour, so you can give maximal effort without worrying about smelling. You can also buy our woollen items in several colours and styles, for men, women, and children. You can see our entire range here.

A warm mid-layer

If it is very cold, we suggest putting on a mid-layer too. Just like the base layer, the mid-layer needs to be sweat-wicking, and of course, warm. An extra woollen DILLING shirt is perfect for this.

A windproof outer layer

Most importantly, your outer layer must be windproof, because if the cold wind goes straight through your clothing you will get cold, even if you have an insulating mid layer underneath. We recommend you invest in a thin, windproof running jacket with a breathable membrane to protect you against the wind and ensure any moisture is wicked away from your body.


When it comes to shorts, they need to have similar properties to your upper body clothing. They should be elasticated and close-fitting, as well as warm and sweat-wicking. You may also want your running shorts to be windproof. If it is very cold, we recommend wearing a pair of DILLING’s merino wool long johns under your shorts. They come in various colours, for men, women, and children, in both full and ¾ length.


Having cold ears or hands can ruin your run, therefore it is advised you wear a pair of running gloves and a sweatband or beanie on your head. You will need a pair of gloves that are thinner than those you would usually wear for walking, otherwise you will get too hot. It is also important to protect your neck against the cold, but a scarf isn’t practical, therefore we suggest one of DILLING’s merino neck warmers.


In the colder months, you may want to wear running socks that are slightly warmer than normal, but still breathable and moisture-wicking, so your feet don’t get wet from sweat.


The cold months tend to be darker, therefore it is a good idea to wear reflective gear, such as a reflective vest or armband, so you can be seen by traffic. If you run in the woods or places with uneven terrain, it can be advantageous to wear a headtorch, so you can see where you are running.

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