Why should your child sleep in wool?

High-quality nightwear that keeps your child warm and dry throughout the night, is essential to ensuring your child a good night’s sleep. But, did you know that wool is the best for this?
Does your child get hot and sweaty, and then freezing cold having kicked off their duvet? Then they are not alone. Factors such as noise, light, and temperature, can significantly affect your child’s sleep, but the solution doesn’t need to be expensive. Nurse Elise Hauberg Winther says, getting your child the right nightwear is an easy place to start.

Source: Elise Haubjerg Winther
Elise Haubjerg Winther is a nurse who has worked in children’s health and well-being for over 20 years. She is also a mum of two.

– Those children that get too hot at night, as well as those that get too cold, sleep best in a room below 18 degrees, with no draft. It is also more important for your child to have high quality sleepwear over bedding, as most children kick off their covers during the night. It is therefore important for their pyjamas to cover their arms and legs. Elise Haubjerg Winther also states that socks and tights can be a good idea.

The temperature and happiness of your child helps them have a good night’s sleep, therefore it is important to achieve this, with or without a duvet. Elise explains that a good night’s sleep means your child will be more productive and learn better.


You might think wool can only be worn on very cold days to keep you warm, but according to Elise, a thin layer of wool will help your child stay a comfortable temperature and prevent them from waking up.

– Wool pyjamas are perfect for children who are prone to getting too hot as well as those who get cold. Elise Haubjerg Winther tells us how wool has the ability to keep your child warm and dry because of its moisture absorbing abilities.


Wool operates in the same way a dog’s fur keeps them comfortable in all weather. A thin layer of wool, such as a base layer, will do the same for your child.

It is the wool’s airy structure that allows it to regulate temperature. The air in the centre of the wool fibres ensure your child is insulated from the cold and also helps evaporate moisture away from their body when they are hot. The wool fibres can absorb moisture without feeling wet, perfect for keeping them dry at night.

5 tips for pyjamas for a good night’s sleep

– Choose long sleeves and bottoms, so your child doesn’t get cold when they kick their duvet off.

– If your child isn’t wearing a onesie, remember to put socks on them, because warm hands and feet help your body stay a comfortable temperature. However, cold hands and feet send a message to the brain telling it to crank up the temperature.

– Using just one layer of clothing, particularly wool, will keep your child warm and dry, rather than sweaty and cold.

– Keep a close eye on your child. The seasons and temperatures at night change, so always feel the back of their neck before you go to bed to monitor how their temperature is.

– Trust yourself. There is no right or wrong way to dress your little one. You are the expert when it comes to your own child.

Source: Elise Haubjerg Winther


Cotton is one of the most common materials for sleepwear, but it can be made from other, more preferable materials.

– Cotton is an excellent material for your child if they are a comfortable temperature at night, but be aware that, if cotton gets moist when your child sweats, it doesn’t dry quickly. This can make it cold to wear. Elise Haubjerg Winther also points out that a thin layer of cotton will also not insulate your child against the cold if they kick off their duvet at night.

However, it is important to realise that you can easily switch back and forth between different materials.


One persistent myth is that once you start to dress your child in woollen underwear, you cannot dress them in other materials again without them getting very cold. This is simply not true.

– When it comes to nightwear, underwear, or any other children’s clothing, you can easily change between different materials. Wool has some excellent temperature regulating abilities, but it does not affect your child’s own ability to regulate temperature. It is just a very effective material, says Elise Haubjerg Winther.


Are you unsure about how much clothing your child should wear to bed? Well, look here.


– In Denmark, we love to let our babies sleep in their push chairs. If you do too, make sure they are wearing a thin wool or cotton hat. The head releases a large amount of heat; therefore, it is important to keep it warm, but not too warm or it will get sweaty. It is also better for them to wear a cardigan rather than a onesie, as this makes it easier for you to adjust your baby’s temperature if they get too hot in the push chair.

– It can also be a good idea to dress your child in a thin wool base layer, so they can stay warm without getting sweaty. If it is a warm day, swap the base layer for a thin blanket, or if it is cold, add a warm sweater or duvet.

– A onesie is great for sleeping indoors, but look for a light, soft, and sweat-wicking material.


– Onesie’s for toddlers aren’t easy to get your hands on, as they usually only go up to 2 years old, but if possible, they are perfect for small children who move a lot in their sleep.

– Alternatively, a bodysuit and tights can be worn to cover your child’s tummy and feet.

Older children

– Separate tops and bottoms are great for older children, but make sure you look for a material that will keep them warm and dry. Even older children kick their duvet off at night.

– Don’t forget about socks. But if your child takes them off in their sleep, that’s ok.

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