Behind the scene: meet Christina and futte

Horse riding is a well-known sport in most countries, but what makes it so popular? We had a nice chat with Christina, who has been fascinated by horses since she was just five years old.

We meet up with Christina and the horse, Holmegårds Future X, better known as Futte amongst friends, on a spring day in the middle of Jutland, Denmark. Futte looked happy and was ready for what the day might bring. Maybe because there were five of us standing there admiring him. Christina was gently stroking his neck.

What is it you like about horse riding?

Being around the animal. I like the trust that needs to be built between horse and rider. The fact that you have to get him to trust you. Furthermore, I like the peace and tranquility that exists in the stables. Here the only sound is of the horse chewing. It is a place for simply being. I was remined of this when I had my daughter, who was suffering from colic in the first months of her life. During that time, it was really nice to get a break from it all and be able to go to the stables and enjoy the peacefulness.

Trust seems like an important part when standing next to a horse like Futte, who measures 180 cm in height to withers. Luckily, he is a calm horse and it is easy to see and sense that he and Christina have been partners for more than a decade now.

When you have a horse, you need to get out in all types of weather and seasons. How do you dress for this?

I easily feel the cold and through all these years with the horse, I have learnt that it is important to stay warm from the inside out. I therefore always wear a woollen tank top or a thin woollen shirt as my first layer, as it warms and transports moisture away from the skin. During the spring and the early autumn, I wear a light padded jacket and sometimes a padded vest. During the winter, I wear a thick down jacket. When it is really cold and I ride outside, I wear a pair of thin merino leggings beneath my riding pants and a pair of warm wool socks in my boots.

What is your favourite DILLING product?

Unfortunately, I have not tried out much DILLING clothing yet, but I am a big fan of what I have tried so far. The wool shirt is especially a big hit! It is warm and still light. The jacket also pleasantly surprises me as it is so lightweight but still so warm.

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