Functionality meets design

We are in the autumn season when it starts to get colder outside and the leaves begin to fall off the trees. It’s a time where it can be challenging to dress appropriately for the changeable weather; it’s too cold without a jacket, but too hot for a winter jacket. The simple answer to this challenge is the transition jacket.

With the desire to take the transitional jacket to a whole new level, we have designed our Hybrid and Outer-layer jackets. Their focus is on design and using the most sustainable and functional materials possible. These jackets are our bid for a transitional jacket that adapts to the weather and your activity without compromising comfort.

Materials chosen with care

82% of the jacket’s insulating lining is made from mulesing-free wool from Lavalan which has been produced with immense attention to the care of the animals and the environment. The wool is temperature-regulating and moisture-absorbing, which means, among other things, that your body can breathe far better than when using synthetic insulating lining.

The wool contributes to helping you maintain a comfortable body temperature during various daily activities. In addition to wool, the insulation consists of 18% polylactide (PLA) which is a biodegradable polyester that primarily comes from corn starch.

The outer layer of our jackets is made of 100% recycled polyester, which is a strong material that does not curl and has a high level of durability. Recycled polyester comes from PET plastic bottles, which means that the material is already in circulation. This way we reduce the use of raw materials. It is a sustainable choice we have deliberately made to help protect our environment.

Functional design

Our jackets are tailor-made and designed with a slim fit. They are sewn with a focus on good movement and fit. The zippers are tight with an inside flap, so the wind and cold are kept out.

The sleeves of the hybrid jacket consist of a stretchable wool insulating lining and have extra length with thumb holes to protect and insulate your hands and wrists from the cold.
Buy the Hybrid jacket here.

Our Outer-layer jacket, on the other hand, is designed with the same durable outer-layer on the body and sleeves, therefore it is more wind resistant and water repellent.
Buy the Outer-layer jacket here.

The jacket’s many possibilities

Our functional jackets are incredibly good for everyday wear. They can be worn to and from work, whether you cycle or take the car. In your leisure time, it’s perfect for sports activities such as walking, running or cycling.

We asked you when you wear our functional jackets:

The Outer-layer jacket has a beautiful matte dark blue colour, perfect fit (fits as described) and is well-sewn with fine details. I bought it as a replacement for a transition-down jacket, which was more cumbersome to wash, had to be tumble dried and lost down. DILLING’s jacket is just as warm and only needs to be washed on a wool program.
-Inge Bender

Your Hybrid jacket is perfect for the mornings when I get into my cold car before I drive to work. It keeps me warm and comfortable while driving, and it also works well with jeans!
-Kasper Nielsen

I wear the Outer-layer jacket when I am out with my horse. It has a great level of comfort and mobility when I ride, and I do not get hot in the same way as with the synthetic jackets I have worn before.
-Camilla Laursen

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