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Are you always cold?

Do you know that feeling when you are waiting for the bus and you pull your shoulders up to your ears and hope the bus will arrive soon? This is an everyday situation where woollen underwear would be extremely helpful, which is what we were aiming to show in our latest photos.

There is just one problem, you don’t usually see people walking around the streets in their underwear.


In our video you can see how it went when we were in Copenhagen taking pictures with our models Sofie and Alexander, our photographer Mingo, and passers-by from near and far.

The thought behind the concept

When producing organic underwear from natural materials, the most obvious backdrop for taking pictures would be an idyllic countryside scene, where many of us dream of being. however, at DILLING, we realise that the majority of our customers live in cities, therefore our products are worn there a lot.

This is why our most recent photoshoot focuses on situations that many of us encounter in our daily lives, such as cycling to work early in the morning, waiting for a bus when it’s cold outside, or going to a café with friends. As you can see in the video, the models are warm and comfortable in these scenarios as they have the right underwear on. The people around them have lots of thick layers on yet are still cold. This is the difference wool can make and why woollen underwear is perfect for daily life, no matter where you live.