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Organic Cotton

At DILLING, we have manufactured cotton underwear and clothing for the vast majority of our 100+ year-long history – since 1943 to be exact. We do not compromise on quality –and we have spent the past almost 80 years perfecting the quality of our cotton products to offer you the very best.

Extraordinarily high quality

Our cotton products are made from handpicked, organic cotton. When cotton is handpicked, you do not harvest the stalks (like you would with mechanically harvested cotton). Instead, you only pick the tip of the cotton plant. As a result, the final product is much finer in quality with long, durable, and soft fibres.

The long-stem, organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or insect poisons, which results in an eco-friendly product of the highest quality. That means, you get an extraordinarily pure product.


A lot of our cotton products are underwear – your base layers. These are the products you wear the most and closest to your skin. That is a good enough reason to say, your underwear should be made from the very best, high-quality fibres.

Your underwear, especially, must withstand regular and frequent washing. High-quality cotton products will hold up much longer before showing signs of wear and tear – even after extensive wear and washing. When you invest in timeless, high-quality organic products, you actively help reduce consumption and ease the burden on our climate.

Dyed at our Nordic Swan Ecolabel dyehouse

Our organic cotton products are treated at our Nordic Swan Ecolabel dyehouse without the use of harmful chemicals and heavy metals*. At the dyehouse, the products undergo a gentle, 16-hour eco- and allergy-friendly enzyme treatment that helps the products maintain their original shape and colour – even after repeated washes and if washing instructions are followed. This means, you get an extraordinarily pure product that you and your family can feel good about wearing right next to your skin.

*Not including our cotton socks, these are dyed in Turkey and our grey mélange cotton products that are yarn dyed in Germany.

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DILLING is a Danish family enterprise with a long tradition of the cleanest and purest manufacturing of organic underwear. With the fourth generation at the helm we produce underwear for the whole family without the use of harmful chemicals. Our organic underwear sells at favourable prices, because you are buying directly from the manufacturer.

On DILLING’s website you can find soft and luscious underwear produced from the very best raw materials, for example, organic cotton which is used for our women’s tops and men’s underwear. Our organic merino wool underwear has undergone a particularly gentle treatment process. For outdoor activities we offer moisture absorbent and breathable functional underwear - also free from harmful substances.

Seasons and categories: skiing underwear, thermal underwear, clothes for hunting and fishing, clothes for yoga, for jogging and sports, cotton underwear for any season, wool nightwear, basics.

Get to know DILLING – organic underwear that feels exquisitely luscious against your skin. Find more information on our blog. Would you like a purchase delivered to another country? You'll find DILLING's organic underwear in the following countries: dk.dilling.comdilling.dedilling.sedilling.nldilling.fidilling.frno.dilling.com.