Nordic Swan Ecolabel

We are very proud that our dyehouse is the only one of its kind in Denmark certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. What does this actually mean for you as a DILLING customer?

To be certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as a clothing manufacturer, there are five things that need to be managed and are thoroughly checked at least once a year:

  • The supply chain
  • Raw materials
  • Durability
  • Dyeing agents and chemicals
  • Working conditions

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has strict demands for eco-friendliness in production. In particular, the dyeing process is subject to tough criteria – for example, it is not permitted to use any heavy metals in production. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel also has criteria covering good working conditions. It is important to point out that it is a label that focuses on the environment – but not ecology per se. With regard to ecology, the demands are that the material should consist of a minimum of 10% organic raw materials - which from our point of view is far too low.

Below we will address each of the five areas of inspection:

The supply chain

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel requires that the supply chain is transparent. For us, this means that we know where our organic merino wool and cotton comes from, where and how it is spun, knitted, dyed, cut, sewn, packed, transported, and finally delivered.

Raw materials

In relation to raw materials, it is important to note that the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an environmental label - rather than an organic label. Within the textile industry, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel requires that 10% of the raw materials used be grown organically. At DILLING, we exceed this requirement as the raw materials we use for our clothing and underwear, both cotton and merino wool, are 100% organic*.


The Nordic Swan Ecolabel requires the products to be hard-wearing with good colour. In other words, our products must be able to withstand regular wear and tear. The quality standards are high, and our products are designed and produced for longevity and durability.

Dyeing agents and chemicals

Regarding dyeing agents and chemicals, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets very high standards. For example, using heavy metals or chlorine treatment (Superwash) during production is not allowed. These strict standards benefit both the environment and your health, as the textile industry can contain not only hormone-disrupting, but also allergy and cancer-causing dyeing agents and chemicals. We think it is safe to assume that very few people want these chemicals to be used in the production of the underwear and clothing – not to mention be discharged into the water supply.

Working conditions

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets standards for working conditions throughout the entire production process. Therefore, DILLING is not just responsible for safe, high-quality working conditions for those of our employees working at our head office in Denmark, but also for controlling the working conditions throughout production. As we own much of our own supply chain, we know exactly where our garments are made, in safe working conditions by workers who are paid fair living wages.

You can find our Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence here.

*A very limited number of products in our assortment contain upwards of 50% conventional cotton.

Additional certifications

Oekotex 100 (confidence in textiles)

To produce underwear, you also need materials such as thread, rubber bands, buttons, etc. It can be challenging to find the right partners that meet our quality standards and adhere to our environmental requirements. We choose with care and look for certificates to guide us. As a minimum, we demand that such materials are Oekotex 100-certified. This standard proves that there are no harmful chemicals in the product. However, it does not say anything about how the product is made.


We cannot produce socks ourselves at our sewing factory in Lithuania, therefore we have searched for a supplier that lives up to our demands for sustainability and quality. Our socks have previously been produced in China, but in 2021, we decided to change our supplier and the production is now solely done in Turkey. The production in Turkey is still fairly new, so a small part of our assortment of socks on our website will still stem from the production in China. Our socks have always been – and still are - GOTS-certified. This is your guarantee that no harmful chemicals have been used during production and that the working conditions set by the ’International Labour Organisation’ are followed.

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