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Why wool is brilliant for your child’s summer wardrobe

Many believe wool is for those cold, dark, winter months, when we want to keep our children warm and cosy. However, wool is one of the best things to dress your child in, even in the summer. This is because it has a cool effect, as well as keeping your child dry.

Why wool is brilliant for your child’s summer wardrobe


It is common knowledge that wool helps your child stay warm, but this is just half the story. The most impressive thing is the wool’s ability to regulate your body temperature. The reason for this property is the unique, airy structure of the wool fibres which cause the wool to hold body heat and insulate your child when it is cold. However, the wool also has a cooling effect on your child when they are warm. This is because of the wool’s airy fibres which absorb part of the moisture released by your body, and the air which then evaporates this. Therefore, a thin layer of wool will help your child maintain a comfortable body temperature without them getting sweaty and wet… perfect for the unreliable Danish and British weather.


Wool has the special ability of being both moisture absorbent and water resistant, meaning that merino wool can absorb moisture without feeling clammy and wet to touch. The moisture stays in the centre of the wool and evaporates from there without feeling damp or cold. In fact, merino wool can absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture without it appearing or feeling wet. This makes wool stand out among other popular materials used to dress our children in.


It may come as a surprise, but this is true. According to The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, a thin layer of wool actually provides more UV-protection than cotton, linen, silk, and polyester, if they are knitted the same way. Once again, the reason for the wool’s strong UV-protection, is down its structure which absorbs the UV rays rather than letting them pass through the material. You shouldn’t rely on wool alone to protect your children from the sun, but a thin woollen t-shirt provides excellent protection against the sun’s rays.


Our merino wool underwear is thin, light, and luxurious, as well as being extremely soft and comfortable. It is an old wives’ tale that all wool is itchy, but you can easily find soft merino wool that is appropriate for your baby’s tender wool. For this, you need look no further than DILLING, the Danish wool experts. DILLING have developed an environmentally neutral enzyme treatment to remove itchy hairs from the wool, in a gentle way that preserves the wool’s natural ‘super’ properties.