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Too little focus on quality of life

For DILLING, it is an obvious choice to support charities for asthma and allergies. This is because for more than 20 years we have worked towards making our clothing free from chemicals in order to protect sensitive skin. Therefore, it means a lot to us to support organisations who work for this, such as Allergy UK. We have also heard from doctor and professor, Howraman Meteran, that such support really can make a difference. In this article he refers to Denmark and the work of the Danish organisation Asthma-Allergy Denmark.

Interview with Howraman Meteran

Too little focus on quality of life

There is never enough money to fight against and research into common Danish diseases, and no one likes to claim that their illness is more important than another. However, it is difficult when some patient groups get more awareness and resources than others.

- Sometimes I wish that asthma and allergy awareness and research was as popular as cancer, and had more support. It is however easier to relate to the question of life and death, as is the case with cancer. However, there are roughly 1 million Danish people with some kind of very severe allergy, but cancer or type 2 diabetes is still taken more seriously than severe asthma and allergies. - Howraman Meteran, doctor and professor at the lung section on Herlev and Gentofte Hospital in Denmark.

He reinforces that no patient group is more important than other. The fact is that treatment of asthma and allergies is very difficult. You can no longer specialise in allergology (the theory/teachings of hypersensitive illnesses), we don’t have enough research. In the end it is the asthma and allergy patients that suffer and have to wait a very long time for treatment.

- ‘There is simply not enough focus on this area. Treatment is one thing, another that is just as important, is the focus on quality of life. Asthma and allergies hit all age groups, and many have to live with the illness the rest of their lives. They cannot simply be operated on to give them a better life’ says Howraman Meteran.

According to Howraman Meteran, ‘Asthma-Allergy Denmark’ have realistically taken over the responsibility from the public health system when it comes to informing, investigating, and helping its members.

- They have taken on the large task of mediating their knowledge and counselling the patients who need advice immediately and can’t wait 9-12 months to get an appointment with a specialised doctor or department.


- ‘More focus on the treatment of asthma and allergy may mean that there will be more importance placed on doing something about such illnesses and increase the interest for doctors and nurses to specialise in the area. It is important to do as much as possible for the many people that fight against allergies and asthma everyday’ says Howraman Meteran.