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Together we will put focus on allergies

For another year, we have chosen not to drop our prices for Black Friday but instead support a cause that is close to our hearts as an organic and sustainable clothing manufacturer.

Together we will put focus on allergies

This year we have chosen to support charities that make life easier for kids and adults with asthma and allergies. In the UK, we will be support the charity organisation, Allergy UK. We will donate 20% of our turnover in the UK on Black Friday to Allergy UK.

“Children and adults wear our clothing directly against their skin. Therefore, for more than 20 years, we have worked to make our products free from chemicals in order to protect sensitive skin. Today our wool and cotton are organic, and we do not use any heavy metals and harmful chemicals when dyeing. Our customers have taken the concept positively and now we would like to give something back as a result of that trust” -Director of DILLING, Morten Dilling.

A family’s narrative

Many families are affected by asthma and allergies in one way or another and it can be difficult to know how to help them in the best possible way. Below you can read about how eczema affected Tina Baggesen and her children, and how she got help from the Danish association ‘Asthma-Allergy Denmark’, to help her understand how she could help her children to a better everyday life.


Together we will put focus on allergies

The insecurity no longer exists.

When your child has eczema, it can be difficult to live with the worry about what is the right thing to do. How can you help your child?

The insecurity is often a big problem for parents of kids with asthma, allergies, hay fever and eczema, because how can you help your child when a hypersensitive illness suddenly consumes your everyday life. This is a question, Tina Baggesen, mother to Simon and Sara, asked herself a lot when her children were small and both began to struggle increasingly with eczema.

- ‘Sara’s eczema started when she was in nursery and it was multiple years before I realised that she needed help. I thought I was doing the very best for her by not giving her cream for her skin, but this turned out to be completely wrong.’- Tina Baggesen, member of ‘Asthma-Allergy Denmark’.

-‘At times when Simon’s eczema became really bad, I felt that there was nothing I could do to help him. In the end I went to the eczema charity and this was very helpful. I met a lot of other people in the same situation as me’ she says.

A help for the everyday life

It is the patient association ‘Asthma-Allergy Denmark’, that amongst other things arranges eczema seminars. This is where Tina Baggesen got the help and advice she needed to tackle her kids’ eczema. The association works for a better life for everyone with asthma, allergies, hay fever and eczema. This happens in many different ways, such as, classes for families to give them knowledge and advice about prevention and treatment.

Today Simon is 7 years old and Sara is 11. For both of them, eczema no longer interferes with their active everyday lives at school and when playing.

-What worked really well for Sara was to stop using lots of lotions. Simon does not seem to have the same problem says Tina. In everyday life Tina is very aware of which products she buys.

We are 100 percent aware that the products we buy need to be good. We get a lot of useful knowledge and information about this from Asthma-Allergy Denmark’s member magazine which we appreciate a lot.

The work that we support together

It is estimated that 21 million people in the UK live with allergic diseases, but there remains a huge gap in healthcare services for those affected by this disease of the immune system. Our mission is to raise the profile of allergy at all levels, with a vision for everyone affected by allergy to receive the best possible care and support.

‘Our mission is to raise the profile of allergy at all levels, with a vision for everyone affected by allergy to receive the best possible care and support.’- Allergy UK

Learn more about the organisation on their website: