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Together we focus on allergies again

Together we focus on allergies again

In keeping with tradition, DILLING will donate 20% of the turnover from Black Friday to charity once again. For the second year in a row, we are supporting Allergy UK whose mission is to ensure that everyone affected by allergy can receive the best possible care and support.

Allergic diseases are some of the most common chronic diseases and worldwide they affect millions of people daily. It is estimated that 21 million people in the UK live with an allergy. Almost 250,000 people suffer from asthma so severe that there are currently no effective treatments and approximately 20% of all school children have eczema.

Although allergic diseases often are not life-threatening, they can cause different kinds of irritations that can result in a reduced quality of life.

Research around allergies has always been a case close to our hearts, especially because our customers carry our products very close to their skin.

As a company, we have also experienced allergies firsthand, when our dye manager, Birthe Jensen, back in the 1980’s developed an allergy towards formaldehyde. Ever since, we have worked passionately to develop processes that would secure a sustainable, allergy-friendly production. It means that you, as a customer, are always ensured a product that has been dyed without the use of heavy metals, dried exclusively using air and all itchy hairs are removed using an environmentally friendly enzyme treatment.

Although many people in the UK suffer from an allergy or other allergy-related disease, the fact that these diseases can cause a great deal of inconvenience is often overlooked. Here we wish, alongside you our customers, to make a difference.

By placing an order on our website on Friday the 27th of November 2020, we will together donate 20% of the turnover to Allergy UK. As a DILLING customer, you will always receive a high-quality sustainable product, but on this day, you will also support a good cause and help raise money for Allergy UK and their work towards a better everyday life for those with allergies.

We asked Stuart Aitken from fundraising at Allergy UK about how last year’s donations were spent and how they plan to spend the future donations from DILLING’s Black Friday 2020 sales.

Together we focus on allergies again

How does your work make a difference for the members of your organisation?

Allergy UK are able to provide a much-needed help line service to provide information and guidance to people to enable them to manage their allergies. We know that the mental health of individuals with an allergy can be severely impacted and our trained help line advisers and online resources are essential for the allergic community. We also have our own clinical team to provide more specialist support when it is needed.

What was DILLING’s donation from 2019 spent on?

Allergy UK were able to use the money to provide information and advice through our helpline and clinical services.

In which areas do you believe that DILLING’s donation can make a difference for your organization?

DILLING’s donation enables Allergy UK to support the clinical and helpline services, especially in the time of a pandemic.

The work that we support together

It is estimated that 21 million people in the UK live with allergic diseases, but there remains a huge gap in healthcare services for those affected by this disease of the immune system.

‘Our mission is to raise the profile of allergies at all levels, with a vision for everyone affected by an allergy to receive the best possible care and support.’- Allergy UK

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