This is why wool is brilliant for your child’s summer wardrobe

Many associate wool with cold weather and dark months, where we want to keep our kids nice and warm and toasty. But actually, wool is one of the very best things you can put on your child as a basis layer – even in summer. This is because it has a cooling effect in addition to keeping your child dry.

This is why wool is brilliant for your child’s summer wardrobe


It is common knowledge that wool is good at helping your child stay warm, but actually, that is just half the story. In reality, the special thing about wool, is that temperature regulates with your body. The secret is the unique, airy structures of the wool fibers, which cause the material to hold body heat and insulating, when it is cold, but also have a cooling effect when the child is warm. This is because the airy fibers of the wool absorb part of the moisture released by your body, while the air and body temperatures make the moisture in the wool evaporate. Et voila! That thin layer of wool helps your child maintain a comfortable temperature without getting sweaty or wet. Perfect for the unreliable Danish summer weather.


Wool also has the special property of being both moisture absorbing and water resistant at once. This means that Merino Wool is very good at absorbing moisture without the material feeling clammy to the touch. The moisture stays in the core of the wool, evaporating from there, without the clothing felling damp or cold. In fact, Merino Wool can hold at least 30 percent of its own weight in liquid without it being noticeable on the surface of the material. This makes wool preeminent among other popular textiles we use to wrap our children.


You wouldn’t think so, but it is true. According to The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, a thin layer of wool actually provides better UV-protection than cotton, linen, silk, and polyester, if they are knit the same way. Again, the answer lies in the special structure of wool, which absorbs the UV rays instead of just letting them pass through the textile. You should never settle for wool alone as sun protection for the kids, but thin wool T-shirts provide excellent protection against the sun, when added to the children’s summer wardrobe.


Underwear from Merino Wool is thin, light, and luxurious – and it is soft and comfortable. It is an old wives’ tale that all wool is scratchy. You can easily find soft Merino Wool appropriate for tender baby skin. One place you can find it is the Danish wool expert, DILLING. Here, they have developed an environmentally neutral enzyme treatment, which removes the scratchy hairs of the wool in a gentle way, where the natural super-properties of the wool are preserved.