The Nordic Swan Ecolabel: what does it guarantee?

We at DILLING are proud of being certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – but what does that actually mean for you as a consumer?

By now, most Danes have heard about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, but not everyone has found out what it exactly means. Therefore, we have decided to tell you precisely what the Nordic Swan Ecolabel means for our production of organic underwear.

To be certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as an underwear manufacturer, there are 5 things in particular that need to be under control – because they are thoroughly checked at least once a year:


  •    The value chain
  •    Raw materials
  •    Dyeing agents and chemicals
  •    Work conditions
  •    Durability



Who, what, where
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel requires that the value chain must be transparent. For us, it means that we know where our organic merino wool and cotton comes from, and we know where and how it is spun, knit, dyed, cut, sewn, packed, transported, and finally delivered, respectively.


Not an organics label, but an environmental label
As to raw materials, it is important to mention that the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is not an organics label, but rather an environmental label. In the textile industry, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel requires that 10% of raw materials must be organically grown. We at DILLING exceed this requirement, as the raw materials used for our organic underwear – cotton as well as merino wool – are 100% organic.

What sets us apart from other underwear manufacturers
In regard to dyeing agents and chemicals, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets strict standards! E.g. using heavy metals or chlorine treatment (superwash) in the production is not allowed. These strict requirements benefit both the environment and your health, since the textile industry contains not only hormone-disrupting, but also allergy- and cancer-causing dyeing agents and chemicals – something we assume few want in their underwear or groundwater!

No child labor here
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets standards for work conditions for the entire value chain. Therefore, DILLING is not just responsible for safe good work conditions for those sitting at the headquarters in Denmark, but also for controlling work conditions in remaining links of production. One of the ways we ensure this is by keeping the production in the EU. 

Quality tested
Of course, we ourselves think that all these elements of our value chain are fascinating, but where you will hopefully feel a direct difference when you buy our Nordic Swan-labeled products is in terms of durability. This is because the Nordic Swan Ecolabel requires that the underwear must be hard-wearing with good colorfastness. In other words, our organic underwear must stay nice for a long time, whether it be for men, women, children or babies!