Did you remember everything for the ski trip?

Winter break is just around the corner, and for many families with children it means that it is time for the annual ski trip. But before you leave, check the suitcase one last time. Are you sure you remembered everything?

Did you remember everything for the ski trip?


Ski clothes, beanies, mittens and scarves. You are probably right on top of what you need to pack for a ski trip with your kids. But maybe there is still something you didn’t think about. We have collected eight things, which are important to bring when you and your children head for the snow, cold, and skiing.


Skis, snowboards, and speed are fun, but definitely not without risk. Therefore, you should get yourself a good ski helmet – both for you and your children – and perhaps even a back shield, a set of wrist protectors and other forms of safety equipment. It is obviously important that the safety equipment is the right size and fits properly, and that it is safety approved according to European Standards. If you are looking for a ski helmet, be on the lookout for the ”CE EN 1077” certificate. It indicates that the helmet lives up to the minimum standards.


Even if it is cold, it is important to protect oneself against the sun while out skiing. This is because the winter sun is often powerful – and it only gets worse by the snow reflecting the sun’s rays. Furthermore, winter pale bodies are very sensitive, and you are at high risk of sunburn when you are flying down the slopes all day. Therefore, it is important to remember an effective sun screen – and you might also want a Chapstick with a protection factor. You might want to bring your sun screen in a backpack, so you and your family can lather up throughout the day.


The sharp winter sun is not just hard on your skin, but also on your eyes. Therefore, you might want to buy a pair of good sunglasses or ski goggles, before you leave on your ski trip. Make sure the glasses are neither too tight or too loose. They must be comfortable enough to wear all day, but they obviously need to fit tightly enough for you and your kids to race downhill without the glasses flying off.


Nothing can ruin a good day on the slopes, if you or your children become cold through and through. Therefore, it is important that you dress properly – preferably in layers – and make sure your clothes are warm and comfortable. One set of good ski underwear is critical, since it both needs to keep your body warm, but also needs to wick sweat away from the body. Therefore, we recommend investing in a luxurious set of woolen underwear from the brand DILLING. You see, their clothing is made from exclusive Merino Wool, which both insulates and absorbs moisture, thus ensuring that you and your children can keep warm and dry. Furthermore, Merino Wool – unlike things like polyester – protects against sweat odors, which is a huge advantage if you are flying down the slopes all day. Woolen underwear – which is organic and Nordic Swan-labeled – is available in several colors for both little and big children, and there are sets for mom and dad as well. You can see DILLING’s selection of woolen underwear here .


If you plan on eating lunch in the snow, then remember an avalanche shovel and sitting mats for you and your children. This way you can have a seat no matter where you are when you get hungry. With an avalanche shovel you can dig out a nice picnic area for you and the family, and if you pull a few seating mats out of your backpack, you won’t have to get cold butts.


If you decide to eat lunch in the snow and take off your mittens, you risk cold hands in short order. Therefore, you might want to bring a couple of pocket heaters for both you and your children, so you can get your hands warmed back up. These tiny heat pillows contain a small metal plate, and when you ‘break’ it, the pillows start to radiate heat. The vast majority of pocket heaters can be reused and just need to be boiled for a few minutes, before they are ready again, so remember to toss them into a pot of boiling water, when you get home from the slopes - that way they are ready for the next day.


If you are out skiing all day, it makes sense to bring a backpack with snacks and water. Skiing is strenuous, so to prevent you or the kids getting dehydrated or suffering a drop in blood sugar, it is important that you drink plenty and have easy access to food if your energy levels drop. It is good advice to fill up your bag with little chocolate bars, which brings quick energy – and joy – to tired children. That way, you can hopefully have fun on the slope for hours on end.


When you and your family have been skiing all day, it's time to go spend some quality time inside. Bring a board game, some good books and perhaps a tablet, so you and the kids have something to do before bed. If you are driving to your vacation destination, you might want to make sure the kids have something to entertain them on the drive. Download an audiobook, let them watch a movie, or bring a comic book. That way, you may reduce the number of "Are we there yet?"-questions.