Can you use wool in the summer?

Most are familiar with the qualities of wool during the cold season, where it warms and insulates. However, the material is also very useful in the summer. Summer wool is useful for several reasons:



  • Protects against the sun
    Wool protects your skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun, making it very useful in summer. Thus, recent research shows that wool provides better protection than other materials, such as cotton and polyester.
  • Keeps your body dry
    Wool wicks sweat away from your skin and can absorb large amounts of moisture without it feeling wet. This ensures a feeling of dryness, even while sweating – unlike other fabrics, which often get cold and damp. Because of its large air content, wool also has a cooling effect on the body.
  • Doesn’t smell
    The natural lanoline content gives merino wool a self-cleaning property. Dirt does not penetrate the fibers. It is often enough to air out your woolen underwear in open air. Unlike polyester, for instance, wool does not smell bad after being worn several times.
  • Breathable
    The large air content in merino wool also makes the underwear very breathable, thus allowing your skin to breathe. Because of this, the natural properties of the wool make it extraordinarily comfortable to wear.
  • Suitable for children
    Children often change surroundings. One moment they are running around playing, and soon after it is time for a nap. Here, it is important to keep the body dry (and letting their skin breathe) to minimize the risk of catching a cold. Merino wool is particularly suited for this purpose.
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
    These properties also make woolen underwear the optimal choice for nature-loving active people who use the underwear for outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, and fishing.

One of our customers describes the wool like this on trustpilot:

”I’ve now tried your woolen underwear while hunting, and it works! No clammy and damp feeling after a half day’s pushing through the woods, through chaparral and blackberry brambles that brought on the sweat several times. Unlike other synthetic sweat-wicking underwear, woolen underwear doesn’t smell after a day’s use. It is a pleasure. I am super happy that the amazing properties of your woolen underwear were brought to my attention.”

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