Allergy-friendly underwear

We were contacted by a costumer who reminds us why it is important that we produce underwear the way we do. This made an impression on us, and therefore we would like to share Ann-Lise’s story with you (of course she gave her consent).

Ann-Lise tells us that for many years she suffered from allergies and intolerance to her underwear. Among other things, she has had allergic reactions to synthetics, elastic, thread, and lace. When this happens, she gets a lot of small lesions, redness, itching, and irritation. These discomforts can be soothed with hormone cream, but as Ann-Lise says, ”That’s not a long-term solution!”

Therefore, she has long been looking for underwear that she could use every day without breaking out. She heard about DILLING through word of mouth and decided to try our cotton/elastane products. Ann-Lise continues, ”Since this spring, when I started using your underwear, I haven’t had a single day with an allergic reaction”. She elaborates, saying, ”With your underwear, I can tolerate sweating without getting red marks from the stitching at the sides and around my thighs and crotch. Before, this was a big challenge for me.” 

 Allergy-friendly Underwear

Of course, it made an impression on us to hear that our underwear contributes to making a difference in Ann-Lise’s daily life.

The reason why Ann-Lise can tolerate our underwear, even though she has had so many problems with other underwear, is presumably due to our extraordinary pure production process. This is because we select every little detail of a product with great care – everything from the organic cotton to which thread will hold the final product together. The main different must be credited to our dye works. This is because it is often traces of chemicals and dyeing agents, with which the textile was treated, that cause allergic reactions. This is also the reason why the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and The Consumer Council THINK Chemicals recommend that people wash their new clothing before wearing. However, this is not always enough, as not all chemicals can be washed out. 

This is the reason why at DILLING’s dye works we use no chemicals or dyeing agents suspected of triggering allergies or otherwise being harmful for the consumer or the environment. Furthermore, independent research shows that the amount of heavy metals in our waste water is below the threshold value for drinking water. This means that you actually do not need to wash our underwear before use, and that you can wear it immediately without reason to worry.

If you suffer from allergies or in anyway show intolerance to your underwear, we highly recommend trying our organic products. You know them by the little green Ecolabel.