5 myths about wool, you probably believed

Must wool always be handwashed? Is wool just for use in winter? Is there wool that isn’t scratchy? It may be hard to figure out what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to woolen clothing, but we will guide you through the many claims and do away with the wool myths.

5 myths about wool, you probably believed

”You can never wash wool in the washing machine” – and 4 other myths about wool, you probably believed.

You’ve probably heard that wool is difficult to wash. I bet you also have an idea that woolen clothing is just for the winter season, and that it is much too warm to use in summer. Maybe you have been told that you should be careful about getting your children used to wearing woolen clothing, because once they start wearing wool, there is no way back.

But is that even true?

We have looked more closely at five common claims about wool - that are really nothing more than myths.


It is quite true that wool can help you keep warm when the outside temperatures are cold. But wool actually has the opposite effect as well: It helps you cool down a little if you are too hot. Thus, wool is temperature regulating and can easily be used even with above-zero temperatures. Furthermore, wool is absorbent, and it keeps you dry – even when you sweat. So, forget the old rule of thumb that says you should only use wool in the winter months. You can use wool all year long.


You may remember how wool sweaters from your childhood were scratchy and uncomfortable. But a lot has happened with wool production in later years, and today there is a lot of woolen clothing that isn’t scratchy. For instance, at DILLING, you can buy soft woolen clothing in Merino Wool. The wool has undergone an environmentally neutral treatment that has removed scratchy hairs, and therefore, the clothing feels luxurious and nice to wear. If you want to indulge yourself with even more softness, you can go for clothing that is not pure wool, but also contains other things, like silk. Furthermore, it is worth being aware that wool is rarely scratchy when warm. Therefore, you might want to wear your woolen clothing for a few minutes and let it get warmed up, before stamping it with the old ’No good – it’s scratchy’.


Many may have some idea that it’s difficult to wash woolen clothing, and they live in fear of the day when their favorite woolen sweater gets washed the wrong way and shrinks to a size XXS. But actually, wool is not at all difficult to deal with. Purchase your woolen clothing from DILLING, then you can easily wash it in the washing machine, as long as you use wool detergent and wash it on a wool setting (30 degrees). Of course, you can also wash it by hand, but don’t soak woolen clothing – it can’t handle that. It varies from one woolen garment to the next which is the best way to wash it, so you should always follow the specific directions. Furthermore, it is worth noting that wool doesn’t need to be washed so often, since it is self-cleaning.


Once you have used wool, you always need to use wool. This is another one of the well-known myths of woolen clothing. According to the myth, woolen clothing affects small children’s ability to regulate their own temperature, so if they get used to wool, it may be difficult to go back to cotton clothing, because they then risk getting sick. The truth is that wool does not affect children’s ability to keep warm and dry, so you can confidently use wool one day and cotton the next.


Woolen clothing being drab and boring is very much a myth. It is true that for many years the market was dominated by natural wool, but today woolen clothing comes in all kinds of different colors and designs. At DILLING, you cannot just get woolen clothing in neutral colors like black, white, and grey, but also in colors like rose, blue, green, and purple. So, you can easily be both stylish and colorful in wool.