3 reasons why your child should wear wool

The winter months can be harsh for the little ones that spend a lot of hours outdoors in clothing that is either too warm or not warm enough. If you want to make sure your child is dressed appropriately, then use wool as the foundation – here, we give you three good reasons to do so.

3 reasons why your child should wear wool


It’s full speed ahead when kids get out onto the playground at the daycare. They run, bike, slide, and climb. Therefore, they need underwear that both gives them freedom of movement and helps them stay warm, but also keeps the sweat away, when the kids are running around. The woolen underwear will make sure of that.


The right body temperature is a prerequisite for good sleep. Woolen underwear can help the child regulate its body temperature, because it lets their bodies breathe and helps keep them warm and wick away moisture if needed. At the same time, it can keep the child warm if it kicks off its covers at night. That way, you ensure that the child gets good and much-need sleep.


Children sweat, drool, jump in puddles, and play in sandboxes. Said a different way: Your child needs to be kept dry. Woolen underwear helps with that. The innermost layer of woolen underwear can absorb five times as much moisture from the child’s body as cotton underwear. This way, your woolen underwear keeps the child dry, warm, and healthy. (Remember! If using a wool/cotton blend, where the cotton is on the inside, the wool doesn’t really come into its own, since the wool can’t dry the cotton from without.)