Get out in the changing Autumnal weather whilst feeling comfortable

Autumn is time for wool. With Autumn comes unpredictable, changing weather but it also comes with beautiful colours and fun outdoor activities for the kids. To be able to enjoy nature as best as possible, it is important that the kids are dressed properly, so that they can enjoy being outside for a long time without getting cold.

With DILLING’s merino wool clothing you will get a thin and comfortable product, which will also warm you and offer you plenty of freedom for movement.

The moisture absorbent base layer

The layer worn closest to the skin should absorb moisture from the body. This is so your kids won’t get cold when they stand still after getting hot from running around in the forest and climbing trees. Merino wool is perfect as a base layer as it can absorb 33% of its own weight in moisture.

DILLING’s merino wool clothing is extremely soft and scratch free. The clothing is also free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals and none of our products are treated with Superwash. Superwash is a chlorine wool treatment which creates the illusion of a softer and longer lasting product. Unfortunately, the use of chlorine can ruin the wool’s natural abilities and cause allergic reactions.

Thus, DILLING has chosen another path. Our wool products have been given a 10-hour long skin and environmentally friendly enzyme treatment at our own Nordic swan eco-labelled dyehouse or a chock treatment called Naturetexx® Plasma. This means that you can safely let your child wear DILLING’s clothing close to their skin without worrying.

We recommend wearing a singlet and a pair of leggings as a base layer in the cool Autumnal months.

See our range here: Singlets baby / Singlets kids, Leggings baby / Leggings kids.

The warming mid-layer

A mid-layer is the layer you can remove and add as you please to adjust your child’s level of warmth. The mid-layer can also vary depending on your choice of outer layer.

With DILLING’s wool fleece jackets you can add a temperature regulating layer which can be worn under, for example, a raincoat, which is not very breathable. In this case, the wool fleece jacket will help your child stay comfortably warm whilst also letting the skin breathe.
When it comes to the mid-layer you have a lot of options and your choice depends on the weather conditions on the day:

For the not so cold days, we recommend our long-sleeved tops.

For the chilly days, we recommend wool terry or wool fleece.

For the very cold days, you can combine both of the afore mentioned products; long sleeved tops together with a wool terry or wool fleece.

The wind and water-resistant outer layer

The most important function of the outer layer is to be wind and water resistant so that the inner and mid-layer does not get wet from the rain or snow. However, again, it depends on the weather and season as the mid-layer can also function as an outer layer on a warmer and dryer autumnal day.

Accessories – The cherry on top

Good accessories are almost as important as having the right layers on your body. With the right hat, socks, neck warmer and gloves, your kids won’t have to stop playing because of cold feet or ears.

DILLING’s woollen socks are brilliant when worn in a pair of wellington boots. The wool will help your kid’s feet stay warm and dry in wellington boots, which do not the skin breathe. We have socks in an ordinary wool quality which are fitting for all kinds of shoes and also wool terry socks which can function as a replacement for thermal wellington boots on the colder days.

To keep your head and ears warm, a hat is of course imperative, and we have several alternatives depending on the weather.

Our light balaclava in 100% organic merino wool – is great for most days out as it will warm and protect against light wind. At the same time, it will protect the front and back of the neck whilst keeping out the cold.

Our thick balaclava in wool terry – is good for those extra cold days when the wind is stronger. It is made with two layers of our thick and soft wool terry which warms nicely. This balaclava also warms the front and back of the neck and protects from the cold getting through to the body.

Our Kids hat in wool terry - is perfect for older kids who know when a hat is necessary. These hats are also good when worn in combination with our neck warmers that protect the chest and back against the cold and warm.

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DILLING is a Danish family enterprise with a long tradition of producing organic wool products that will keep you warm. Today, we make organic clothing in organic merino wool and cotton for the whole family with the fourth generation, Morten Dilling, at the helm. Our organic wool wear sells at favourable prices because you are buying directly from the manufacturer.

You’ll find soft, breathable, and allergy-friendly clothing in natural materials on our website, produced without harmful chemicals and within Europe's borders under good working conditions.

Most of our products are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and gently dyed at DILLING's own dyehouse in Denmark.

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