Tops and T-shirts

Our selection of tops and T-shirts for women offer stylish Danish design all year round. The women's tops made from organic merino wool and the blouses made from merino wool/silk are a must-have as a basic wardrobe item, as they can be used all year round, inside as well as outside. The woolen tops regulate body temperature and are exquisite to wear as we at DILLING only use materials of an exclusive, soft and skin-friendly quality. Their temperature-regulating properties make merino wool tops ideal for sport and outdoor activities, as the wool absorbs moisture and guards against cold, even during breaks. For summer, the UV-protective T-shirts from DILLING are an optimum choice, as they protect against as much as 98% of harmful UV rays. Last, but not least our selection of women’s T-shirts made from organic cotton are Nordic Swan-certified and have a perfect fit, just like the rest of our organic underwear.
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