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The thoughts behind DILLING

The thoughts behind DILLING

”We can always do better, but we try our best. It is in the details that we are strongest and differentiate ourselves.”

I acquired the company from my father, as it has been in my family for the last century. Each generation has made its own impression, so the company is not the same as it was in 1916.

I am the fourth generation to lead the company, and I stepped in at a time where there was conflict between our desire for high quality products and a clean production, and the consumers desire for cheap prices. My father was passionate about ecology and purity, but that was not something that the customer or the big franchises appreciated – at least not when it came to paying the price that quality and an eco-friendly production cost. We were sustainable in how we produced our underwear before we had heard of the word “sustainability”.

After having lived in Germany, I followed the developments here closely. I could see that there was a growing demand for organic products and a more honest philosophy. I therefore entered the company with one question: how does one sell products without having to compromise?

That was how the DILLING brand was created. At DILLING we are able to carry out my father’s vision of doing things correctly, whilst avoiding expensive prices by cutting out the middlemen and only selling online. As a result, we can sell high-quality, sustainable products, directly to the customer for a fair price. This has been my dream for DILLING from the beginning, and I am grateful to our customers, who have so warmly embraced the concept. This motivates me and my colleagues to continue doing our best.

Morten Dilling