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The people behind DILLING

At DILLING we believe that openness, respect, and trust with other people makes a difference for everyone. Therefore, we would like to open the doors of the company and family that we call DILLING, to you.

We would like to invite you in to our universe by telling you stories about the people behind the brand, who do their best to live up to your expectations. Every single person in the DILLING family is important, but unfortunately, we cannot tell you about them all. Therefore, we have chosen a few that would like to share their story with you.

We hope that the pictures and stories about our philosophy, production, and people, will encourage you to explore our universe that we believe, makes a difference – for us, the future, and for you!

We are constantly updating this page with stories about the people behind DILLING.

Villy Bertelsen

3rd generation and previously Director.

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Morten Dilling

4th generation and director of DILLING

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Skirma and Vita

Plant manager and manager for our sewing house Avadan, in Lithuania.

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Seamstress at Avadan in Lithuania.

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Chief mechanic at our sewing house Avadan.

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In charge of DILLINGs E-commerce shops.

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Customer service employee.

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Warehouse and logistic employee.

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Dye master.

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Production operative

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