Most people are well aware of what organic food is. But what about organic clothing – what does that actually entail?

For a piece of clothing to be called organic, it has to be made from organic natural materials, such as wool or cotton. For organic farming, there is a list of criteria which have to be met, exactly like when growing organic food. For example, it is not permitted to use pesticides in the growing of cotton, and in the production of wool there is focus on the welfare for the sheep.

In the subsequent production the demands are nonexistent. To be able to call your textiles organic, you simply have to buy organic yarn. Most manufacturers can live up to this if they are willing to pay a little extra for the yarn.

Our approach to organic clothes
Organic yarns are a really good start and a step in a more sustainable direction. However, we believe that the following production is equally important. At DILLING we care particularly about the treatment and dyeing process. This is where the clothes often come in contact with chemicals that can be harmful for the environment, the employees, and for you, the people who wear it. Therefore, our organic clothes are processed following the criteria of Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

With regards to wool, this means that our organic wool has not been through the same “Superwash” chlorine treatment that other wool products on the market have. Superwash is used for improving wool’s washing abilities and to make sure wool does not shrink. Unfortunately, the treatment releases chlorine (AOX) into the wastewater, which has a negative impact on the environment. You can read more about this in our blog Treated v. Untreated wool.

Look for the green ECO label
You can always recognise our organic products by the green “ECO” label in the upper-right corner of the product pictures. These products consist of 100% organic wool, 100% organic cotton or 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. The socks consist of 80% organic wool/cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane. In addition, our entire organic selection is certified by Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Conventional Products
In addition to our organic assortment we also offer conventional products – e.g. the products in exclusive merino wool, which have been through a superwash treatment. We do this simply because it has not been possible to get these highly sought-after materials in an organic version of satisfactory quality. We are continuously working on developing our products so as to be able to offer our customers eco-friendly underwear of the highest quality. Our conventional products are also coloured at our eco-friendly dyehouse without the use of harmful chemicals or heavy metals.* We therefore believe that they are still a good and sustainable alternative to other undergarments on the market.

* The only conventional products which we do not colour ourselves are the blue and black colour in wool/silk. We buy those pre dyed and they are both certified by Oekotex 100.