Being down to earth, we do not throw around fancy words such as pride, but we are very proud of our dyehouse in Denmark. At the dyehouse we only use the purest dyes and chemicals, which mean that our dyehouse is the only one in Denmark to hold Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification. That makes us pretty proud.

Because this makes a difference for the environment, and also for the employees in the supply chain and for you, who will wear the clothes next to your skin. You can learn more about it below.

A difference for you
We do not use harmful chemicals at our dyehouse. This is also why our clothes are suitable for sensitive skin. We are reassured about this when customers share their stories with us from time to time. An example comes from Ann-Lise, who suffered from allergic reactions from her underwear. We sent her some of our organic cotton products for testing, and she has had no problems with eczema since. We are thrilled to hear how our products can make a difference. It shows us that we are going in the right direction.

You can read more about Ann-Lise’s experience here: Hypoallergenic underwear.

A difference for employees
The change to a more environmentally friendly production actually started with our dye manager, Birthe, who developed an allergic reaction to formaldehyde. This led to the thought that if Birthe could become allergic, the same could happen to the people buying and wearing our clothing. Therefore, we decided to find alternatives and get rid of the harmful chemicals, one by one. This meant that Birthe could keep her job as a dye manager without having to worry about allergic reactions – and that by 2010 the dyehouse could meet the high standards of Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

A difference for the environment
There are numerous dyes available on the market, but for our products we have carefully chosen dyes which are free of harmful chemicals and hold the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Since we have chosen to not use heavy metals in our production, we cannot offer all colours. However, this is a choice that we are satisfied with. For us it is more important to be on top of the environmental considerations and to make sure that no one gets allergic reactions from wearing our underwear.

Now, this might get a bit nerdy, but nevertheless we would like to explain what it is that makes our dyehouse special. We have learned over the years to process our wool without any use of superwash or heavy metals. We have not found any other supplier with this capability. Superwash is a treatment that is used to improve wool’s washing abilities and ensure that wool does not shrink. Unfortunately, with this treatment a lot of chlorine (AOX) is discharged with the wastewater, which has a negative impact on the environment. Heavy metals can also be problematic for both nature and man, since they accumulate in your body and in nature. This is why we are glad to produce our organic underwear without any use of those procedures. This can be seen in the independent tests on the wastewater from our dyehouse, which show that the amount of heavy metals in our wastewater is below the limit for drinking water.

Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to find the exclusive merino wool in an organic variety which has not been treated with superwash. But we are working on that and have already made sure that the exclusive wool is coloured without heavy metals and harmful chemistry, exactly like the organic wool. You can read more about this under the heading ‘Ecology’.