Running underwear

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Fresh air in your lungs and time to let your thoughts run freely: If you enjoy these moments, then DILLING's selection of well-fitting sports underwear will be perfect for you! Our running T-shirts and running pants made from exclusive merino wool can be used during summer as well winter. The merino wool absorbs moisture and transports it away from the body which means that you can keep warm on your trip and when you stretch afterwards. And then there is the bonus that this natural material - as opposed to, for instance, polyester - protects against sweat odour.

During the production of our sports underwear and running underwear, we have focused on quality, design and comfort. De optimum stitching and the exclusive merino wool make the underwear extremely soft and able to follow the movements of your body. The exclusive merino wool is of a particularly fine quality, made with an extraordinarily thin thread and knitted as a single which makes the wool scratch-free. You can thus wear our sports underwear directly against your skin and, in this way, benefit the most from the wool's temperature-regulating and sweat-absorbing properties.

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