Psst… From Thursday to Sunday this week, we will have a 25% discount on all our woollen clothing, including our jackets, skiing socks and the wool/silk collection. The offer is valid from Thursday 30.01.20 until and including Sunday 02.02.2020, for all products in stock, and cannot be combined with discount codes. Delivery may take longer due to the extra amount of orders.
DILLING merino wool underwear for women is both functional and elegant – and, contrary to many people's opinion, it can be used all year round. Merino wool’s temperature regulating property means you are guaranteed a comfortable body temperature, whatever the weather. The ability of merino wool to absorb relatively large amounts of moisture without feeling wet, makes our merino wool tops and leggings perfect for outdoor activities such as, hiking and skiing. You also don’t have to worry about itchy hairs, as those have been removed during production. All of our woollen underwear for women is extremely soft with a good fit; both of which are kept in tack after repeatedly being washed if you follow the washing and care instructions of every product.

Our range of merino wool underwear for women includes elegant briefs, bloomers, leggings, warm woollen tops, and beautiful merino wool/silk tank tops with delicate feminine details. This is where you can spoil yourself with luxury woollen underwear for everyday use.
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