Men's ribbed merino wool leggings- dark petrol blue

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Item #: 9917-148-191

Men's close-fitting, pure organic merino wool leggings.
There may be a small colour difference between products with the colour dark petrol blue.
100% organic merino wool, mulesing free: yes
Our model is 6’2” / 187 cm and is wearing size L/6

Nordic Ecolabel

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Our model is 6’2” / 187 cm and is wearing size L/6

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Product details

Men's itch-free leggings

These merino wool leggings adapt to the natural shape of your body. They fit closely to your legs, whilst being comfortable to wear and providing you with maximal comfort and warmth. DILLING's organic leggings are equipped with a wide and practical elasticated waist which prevents them from slipping.

Colour: Dark petrol blue

Material weight: 205 gr/m2

Material: 100% organic merino wool, mulesing free: yes

Sizes: S/4, M/5, L/6, XL/7, XXL/8

Layers: underwear

Unique about this product: These DILLING leggings are certified with the Nordic Ecolabel. As a result, we can guarantee that no harmful dyes or heavy metals have been used during production. This means you get a skin and environmentally friendly product that you can wear directly on the skin.

Suitable for: Perfect for daily use. DILLING's organic woollen clothing is designed for use all-year round. The wool's natural properties ensure you do not freeze or overheat, no matter what your activity may be. These leggings are especially good for the colder days of the year when you may need extra warmth on your legs. They can also be worn for cycling, running, and other outdoor activities.

The product is certified in accordance with:

All of DILLING’s wool and cotton is of the highest quality and is organic when we buy it from our supplier.

At DILLING, we have chosen to be Nordic swan eco labelled as they have the strictest requirements regarding the colour and treatment process.

You can find our Nordic Swan Eco label certificate here.

We do not use harmful chemicals or heavy metals for the dying of our products.

An independent test of the wastewater from our dyehouse shows that the amount of heavy metals in our wastewater is below the limit of drinking water.


Care and washing instructions for merino wool:

Your woollen products from DILLING can be machine washed. It is however, important to wash all products on a wool programme with wool detergent to ensure the wool does not shrink.

The wool can also be washed by hand, but it may not be soaked.

To protect the woollen products from moths, they should be washed at the end of the season, then dried well and stored in a dark place, preferably in a tight plastic bag.


At DILLING we care about the whole supply chain. Therefore, we would like to give you some information, so you are able to see what exactly you are dressing your skin in. This illustration shows the journey DILLING’s clothes have been on, before ending up in your wardrobe. Read more

Spinned Designed Cutted Sewed






Quality description

Made from our signature wool quality, the 8x1 is characterized by a broad, uniform rib surface.

All our 8x1 products have received a unique 16-hour environmentally friendly enzyme treatment, which leaves you with an incredibly soft and itch free product. This knitting technique offers medium stretchability, which essentially means that your 8x1 products will stretch when worn, but the wool fibres will contract again after wash. The wool fibres are raw (untreated) which means that the naturally insulating and moisture absorbing properties of the wool are kept intact.

100% organic merino wool from Argentina
Nordic Swan Ecolabel
Eco-friendly enzyme treatment
Broad, uniform rib structure
Medium stretch
21.5 micron
Nm 40/1*

*Because of our unique enzyme treatment, our 21.5 micron has the hand feel of 19.5 micron

Measurement chart


Size Leg length outside
Leg length inside
S/4 101 77
M/5 102 78
L/6 104 79
XL/7 105 80
XXL/8 106.5 80.5

We do not measure the circumference of the product as the material is very stretchy and will adapt to the shape of the body. Therefore, measurements taken on products placed on a flat surface can be misleading. Instead, we base our sizes on the body measurements below.




Size Chest measurement
Waist line
Hip size
S/4 91-96 75-80 92-97
M/5 96-102 80-86 97-103
L/6 102-107 86-96 103-108
XL/7 107-114 96-108 108-115
XXL/8 114-120 108-120 115-121


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