Men's exclusive merino wool boxer shorts- black

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Item #: 9923-237-999

Men's gorgeous merino wool boxer shorts.
100% merino wool
Mulesing free wool: Yes

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Product details

Functional, high-quality boxer shorts

DILLING's men's exclusive merino wool boxer shorts feel fantastically soft on the skin and their close fit provides maximal comfort. Our boxer shorts are best worn with one of our gorgeous men's t-shirts or tank tops in the same range.

Colour: Black

Material weight: 190 gr/m2

Material: 100% merino wool
Mulesing free wool: Yes

Sizes: S/4, M/5, L/6, XL/7, XXL/8

Layers: Underwear

Unique about this product: These men's merino wool boxer shorts are made with a focus on functionality and quality. The shape ensures plenty of freedom for movement and the wool's unique properties keep your body a comfortable temperature.

Suitable for: Perfect for everyday and leisure wear. DILLING's men's boxer shorts can be worn for anything from skiing in winter to trail running in the summer. They can be worn to the office, or on a building site. In essece, they can be worn for any occasion.


Care and washing instructions for merino wool:

Your woollen products from DILLING can be machine washed. It is however, important to wash all products on a wool programme with wool detergent to ensure the wool does not shrink.

The wool can also be washed by hand, but it may not be soaked.

To protect the woollen products from moths, they should be washed at the end of the season, then dried well and stored in a dark place, preferably in a tight plastic bag.

Quality description

Also known as our exclusive wool or activewear because the knitting technique and design features make these products particularly suitable for sports and outdoor activity.

Our single wool products are characterized by a smooth, sleek surface. Compared to our 1x1 rib – which also has a smooth, even surface – our single wool products have a denser structure. Because of this knitting technique, our single wool products will not stretch out of shape during use but will remain the same after wear and wash. The yarn used for single wool products is particularly fine (18.5 micron), which gives you a comfortably lightweight product.

All our single wool products have received a Naturetexx® Plasma treatment – an environmentally friendly shock treatment using only electricity and air to process the wool fibres. Essentially, this leaves you with a durable and incredibly soft product.

100% organic merino wool
Dyed in Denmark
Naturetexx® Plasma treatment
Smooth surface
Particularly suitable for sports and outdoor
18.5 micron
Nm 72/2

Measurement chart


Size Leg length outside
Leg length inside
S/4 27 9
M/5 28 9.5
L/6 29.5 10
XL/7 30.5 10.5
XXL/8 31.5 11

We do not measure the circumference of the product as the material is very stretchy and will adapt to the shape of the body. Therefore, measurements taken on products placed on a flat surface can be misleading. Instead, we base our sizes on the body measurements below.




Size Chest measurement
Waist line
Hip size
S/4 91-96 75-80 92-97
M/5 96-102 80-86 97-103
L/6 102-107 86-96 103-108
XL/7 107-114 96-108 108-115
XXL/8 114-120 108-120 115-121


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