Tops and dresses for girls

At DILLING we offer tops, T-shirts and dresses for girls with stylish, Danish designs. The tops are deliberately made in neutral colours so that they can be worn both close to the skin and on the outside. The materials are all extremely soft and skin-friendly and they are very suitable as underwear as well as for use in spare time. Our tops and cute dresses for girls are made from organic merino wool and can be used when the seasons are changing and on cold winter days. Due to the unique properties of merino wool you do not have to worry about your child catching a cold when he/she changes between playing and resting as merino wool absorbs moisture and keeps your child warm and dry. All our tops, T-shirts and dresses for girls are made without the use of toxic dyes or chemicals: they are good for both for your child and for the environment, which is why they carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
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