Children's wool terry trousers- Dark Chocolate

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Item #: 5324-255-783

Organic wool terry jogging bottoms.
100% organic merino wool, mulesing free: yes

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Product details

Well-fitting, Swan-labelled wool sweatpants.

The soft and woolly bottoms will ensure optimal comfort, all day long. They are designed with elastic ribbing at the waist and legs which contributes to the good comfort and ensures they stay in place even when your child is playing and exploring. The soft wool terry will feel nice and soft on the inside whilst also having a nice, smooth exterior. They also have practical drawstrings that can be adjusted as needed.

Colour: Dark Chocolate

Material weight: 225 gr/m2

Material: 100% organic merino wool, mulesing free: yes

Sizes: 3-4 Years, 5-6 Years, 7-8 Years, 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years

Layers: Middle Layer

Unique about this product: These soft and comfortable wool terry bottoms have been gently manufactured and enzyme-treated at DILLING's own Nordic Ecolabelled dyehouse in Denmark. This process helps remove all itchy hairs, so they won't bother your child's delicate skin. The clean production process does not use any harmful chemicasl or heavy metals, and thus creates a clean skin and environmentally friendly product that can be worn directly on your child's sensitive skin, even if they have allergies.

Suitable for: Perfect for everyday wear. These warm and well-worn trousers are extremely useful during the colder months of the year due to the wool's thick and warm quality. We highly recommend combining them with a pair of our matching wool sweaters for optimal comfort.


Care and washing instructions for merino wool:

Your woollen products from DILLING can be machine washed. It is however, important to wash all products on a wool programme with wool detergent to ensure the wool does not shrink.

The wool can also be washed by hand, but it may not be soaked.

To protect the woollen products from moths, they should be washed at the end of the season, then dried well and stored in a dark place, preferably in a tight plastic bag.


At DILLING we care about the whole supply chain. Therefore, we would like to give you some information, so you are able to see what exactly you are dressing your skin in. This illustration shows the journey DILLING’s clothes have been on, before ending up in your wardrobe. Read more

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Quality description

Characterized by a soft, fuzzy inside and a smooth surface. Due to the thickness of the fabric, this wool type is particularly suitable as the warming mid layer or accessories like hats and balaclavas.

All our wool terry products have received a Naturetexx® Plasma treatment – an environmentally friendly shock treatment using only electricity and air to process the wool fibres. Essentially, this leaves you with an incredibly soft and durable product.

100% organic merino wool
Dyed in Denmark*
Naturetexx® Plasma treatment
Smooth surface
fuzzy inside
Optimal mid layer
18.5 micron, Nm 72/2
19.5 micron, Nm 60/1

*Not including our grey mélange products. These are yarn dyed in Germany. Like the rest of our products, these are produced without the use of heavy metals.

Measurement chart



1½ - 2 Years 86-92
3-4 Years 98-104
5-6 Years 110-116
7-8 Years 122-128
9-10 Years 134-140
11-12 Years 146-152
13-14 Years 158-164

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