Children’s organic wool/silk striped strap top- Pastel Pink/ Nature

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Item #: 5352-201-768

Striped top.
70% merino wool, 30% silk
Mulesing free wool: Yes

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Product details

Children's striped strap top

This fine top has an optimal fit which makes it suitable to wear as underwear. It is made of the softest merino wool and silk which feels comfortable on your child's body both day and night. The top is designed with fine detailing which gives it a different look to other DILLING tops. The top fits closely, but comfortably around your child's body and follows their natural movements throughout the day.

Colour: Pastel Pink/ Nature

Material weight: 170 gr/m2

Material: 70% merino wool, 30% silk
Mulesing free wool: Yes

The silk used in our wool/silk clothing is not organic, but it does have the Oeko-tex certification.

Sizes: 3-4 Years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years

Layers: Underwear

Unique about this product: This top will ensure that your child stays a comfortable temperature all day long due to the unique temperature-regulating properties. The wool can absorb large amounts of moisture without feeling damp, therefore keeping your child warm and dry even when their activity fluctuates. Wearing this top as a base layer will ensure your child does not freeze or overheat.

Suitable for: Perfect for everyday wear. This top can be worn during the day and night, and in summer and winter. It will fit perfectly into your child's everyday wardrobe andcan be combined with a pair of DILLING's fine wool/silk shorts as nightwear. This top can also be worn with a pai of warm wool/silk leggings in the same quality.


Care and washing instructions for merino wool:

Your woollen products from DILLING can be machine washed. It is however, important to wash all products on a wool programme with wool detergent to ensure the wool does not shrink.

The wool can also be washed by hand, but it may not be soaked.

To protect the woollen products from moths, they should be washed at the end of the season, then dried well and stored in a dark place, preferably in a tight plastic bag.

Quality description

70% organic merino wool and 30% mulberry silk. Silky-soft and breezy – our merino wool/silk products are incredibly lightweight and the fine, naturally temperature regulating properties of the merino wool fibres will keep you comfortable all year.

Our merino wool/silk products have received an EXP treatment – an alternative to Superwash - without the use of chlorine, which encapsulates the itchy hairs of the merino wool and leaves the wool super soft and itch free. In addition, these products have medium stretchability, which means that the product will stretch when worn, but the wool fibres will contract again after wash.

70% organic merino wool / 30% mulberry silk
Yarn dyed and treated in Germany
Eco-friendly EXP treatment
Smooth surface
Medium stretch
17.5 micron
Nm 60/1

Please note: The exclusive silk yarn is made from Chinese mulberry silk, which comes from the cocoon of the silkworm. To produce a long silk tread of the highest quality, the cocoons are boiled with the silkworms inside to ensure that the worm is not able to chew its way out and thereby bite the long thread into shorter pieces.

We are aware of the ongoing discussion about whether the silk is retrieved in an ethically correct manner. Academic research within this field argues that the silkworm dies instantly without pain. However, in the future, we hope to be able to produce merino wool/silk products where there is absolutely no doubt about the welfare of the silkworm.

Measurement chart


Age Length shoulder to bottom
98/104 43.5
110/116 47
122/128 49
138/140 53.5
146/152 60.5

We do not measure the circumference of the product as the material is very stretchy and will adapt to the shape of the body. Therefore, measurements taken on products placed on a flat surface can be misleading. Instead, we base our sizes on the body measurements below.




1½ - 2 Years 86-92
3-4 Years 98-104
5-6 Years 110-116
7-8 Years 122-128
9-10 Years 134-140
11-12 Years 146-152
13-14 Years 158-164

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