Your child is our priority. Our children's underwear is made from organic merino wool and cotton and is organically certified. We also make sure that the continuous process takes place in accordance with our approach to a pure production. The important dyeing process takes place in Denmark where we only use purest dyes that are available on the market. This blend of ecology and extremely clean processes at the dyehouse has ensured that DILLING has been certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The cotton is extremely exquisite and soft. The same applies to our woolen children's underwear, where we, in an environmentally-neutral and gentle way, remove scratchy hairs to achieve an optimum and soft textile product. We have used no chemicals in connection with our UV protective clothing either. The tight knitting makes the clothing able to protect against the dangerous rays of the sun. This technique is in fact so efficient that DILLING's UV protective clothing protects your child against as much as 98% of the harmful UV rays.

Simply stated, DILLING offers a functional Danish design which protects your child's skin against harmful chemicals and dyes.
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