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At DILLING, we care about your child’s health, which is why we produce all our clothing with passion and consideration. Therefore, we ensure the highest level of sustainability and purity during our production process. We offer baby underwear made from organic merino wool and cotton that is comfortable to wear and kind on your baby’s delicate skin. This includes a wide variety of products such as underpants, vests, bodysuits, nightwear, and UV protective clothing, in soft and cute colours.

Our merino wool is perfect for your baby as it can absorb a significant amount of moisture without feeling wet, perfect for when your child plays and then goes straight to sleep. All our merino wool is untreated as this maintains the wool’s unique properties without damaging the environment or exposing your baby to harmful chemicals.

Ultimately, DILLING offers high-quality, Nordic Swan Ecolabelled underwear for babies, which can be machine washed (ensure you read and follow the care and washing instructions of each product).

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